After being released from prison for a drug sentence that should have belonged to his father, Simon (Jerran Fraser) returns home to confront his meth addict dad. The altercation thrusts Simon’s life into chaos as he’s forced into robbing a local drug dealer to save his friends Wade (Jordan Lee), Roach (Gregory King), and his younger brother Jason (Derick Mason).
Unbeknownst to the four of them, the money belongs to the most dangerous criminal in the city – who’s intent on getting it back.
Things disintegrate when the boys meet Michelle (Cassandra Dielschneider), a beautiful young hitch-hiker whose fate becomes entangled with the boys’. Both Simon’s loyalty and morality are tested when he tries to evade a drug dealer, gangsters and even his own father – all of whom want him dead.

The first feature from our friends at B.E.Zee Productions! McFatto has been brought on to complete post audio editing and mastering! Bread Thieves was released to many eager fans in select theatres and has since won the Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival, 2014!

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